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Nower Care acknowledges that entering residential care is a very important, and often difficult step for an elderly person and their family to take. To assist the prospective resident in reaching the correct decision, Nower Care has produced a comprehensive set of Information Packs to guide them through the various stages of interest, application and then commitment. To enable all potential residents to make a fully informed decision about our Home, we have included the following detailed documents in PDF format from the Downloads tab above:


This is the Nower House Profile and the first of our Nower Care Information Packs (1) , it has to be regularly updated and is therefore produced in-house and not pre-printed.

Assessment Pack

This is the Nower Care Assessment Questionnaire Pack (2) and consists of a number of printed assessment forms for completion before admission can be considered.

Client Agreement

This is an uncompleted ‘sample’, which together with the following General Terms & Conditions forms the Contractual Agreement Pack (5). A completed Client Agreement is distributed when a resident completes their trial period and becomes a ‘permanent’ resident.

General Terms & Conditions

This document is attached to the requisite Client Agreement and forms a part of the contractual agreement between the parties.

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These documents are also available in printed form at upon request from the Compliance Manager.

Please pay special attention to the following key points:

  • Rooms and Fees
Brochure - Page 2
  • Admission Criteria
Brochure - Page 4
  • Fee Structure
Brochure - Page 8
  • Financial Appointee Client Agreement
Brochure - Page 5